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Rolex Submariner Nicknames – Which Is Your Favorite?

Rolex Submariner has such a long and rich history, as one of the world's premier diving watches, it shouldn't be surprised to learn that this iconic watch not only has a nickname but a lot of them. Submariner is loved for its appearance in James Bond movies, rare dial changes, and colorful bezels. Over the years, it has many different identities, and in the process, it has gained many different nicknames.

Rolex Submariner Nicknames

Some of the different names of Rolex Submariner are related to a single reference or specific configuration, while others can refer to several different models, all of which have the same defining core characteristics. In addition, it is important to note that all Rolex nicknames are completely informal: there is no "official" or "correct" nickname.

On the contrary, these names have only been used by enough people long enough that they have become collectively agreed titles for their particular watches. With this in mind, below are our favorite vintage and modern watches under the nickname of Rolex Submariner.

James Bond Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is the first watch worn by James Bond on the screen. In order to be with Ian Fleming's famous spy portrait, Agent 007 had to wear a Rolex. As the creator of James Bond wrote, "The gentleman’s choice of clocks and his Saville suits speak for him. Fleming never specified the specific type of Rolex that Bond would wear. Although the author personally wore Explorer 1016 in his personal life. However, it was the 6538 Submariner worn by actor Sean Connery in James Bond’s first film "Doctor Not" in 1962, which forever consolidated Submariner and fictional spies.

Since Submariner 6538 is the first watch used in James Bond movies, it will always be called the original "James Bond" Submariner. The defining feature of the ref. 6538 is the case of its oversized winding crown and crownless shield: however, it is not the only old Submariner reference that features these features. In addition, it is important to note that the nickname "James Bond" is often incorrectly used to describe other big crown Submariner watches or other vintage references without crown guards, but only the reference 6538 has been called the original "James Bond" the difference between Submariner.

However, the ref. 6538 is not the last Rolex watch Bond wears in the movie. Since the original "James Bond" watch, Agent 007 has moved several different Rolex models and even another late-era Submariner reference in subsequent movies.

Kermit Submariner

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Submariner in 2003, Rolex decided to do something bold and different. For the first time ever, the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer has introduced a bright green aluminum bezel to the collection and is fully installed in stainless steel date display the ref. 16610 with the green bezel version called the reference 16610LV.

Equipped with a black Maxi dial, Kermit is very unusual in time. At first, the model took a while to catch up to the public. However, in a few years since then, Kermit has become one of the most popular, modern collections of second-hand Submariner watches. Of course, the nickname "Kermit" is affectionately derived from the famous green puppet frog character on Sesame Street. This model has a difference. It is the first Submariner function Maxi dial and the only Rolex watch ever installed with a green aluminum bezel.

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